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Shandong Tianli Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Address:Yangliu Industrial,Xintai city,Shandong Province,China

Phone:  +86 18854868555 +86 13561784486

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    ▌ Service Commitment


     1. The shelf life of the products produced by the company is 12 months.

     2. If there are quality problems during the warranty period, the company will implement the “three guarantees” service according to the regulations.

     3. After receiving the user's notice about the quality of the product, the company sent the relevant personnel to the scene within 24 hours to solve the problem.

     4. According to the user's request, train the driver's personnel for the other party free of charge until they can work independently, provide technical consultation free of charge, and guide equipment debugging and product-related problems.

     5, after-sales service personnel to ensure that the quality problems are handled carefully, thoughtfully and thoroughly, so that users can rest assured that they can purchase machines with peace of mind.

     6. Products belonging to the company's product quality problems, all expenses are borne by the company. Due to the quality problems caused by improper use of the users, the company charges as appropriate to ensure customer satisfaction.

Shandong Tianli Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.

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Contact us:

Phone: +86 18854868555 +86 13561784486

Phone: +86 13953805777

Telphone: +86-538-7442126

Address:Yangliu Industrial,Xintai city,Shandong Province

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