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Shandong Tianli Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd,European crane world first-class in China cooperation manufacturers and service providers,Founded in 2003,Headquarters is located in Xintai City, Shandong Province, sheep flow Industrial Park,Offices around the country,The registered capital of one hundred million yuan.
Tianli heavy crane to adopt the world's leading European crane technology,Crane research and development, manufacturing,sales, installation, service as a whole, Main of our products:Double Girder/single Girder EOT cranes,Suspension of electric single beam cranes,Gantry cranes,Semi gantry cranes,Explosion-proof cranes, Metallurgical cranes,Cantilever cranes,light crane system, Including the European hoisting trolley,three in one travelling machinery,Automatic control system.
Based on the world's leading crane design and optimization variable frequency drive technology, our innovative products have more features, smaller size, lighter weight, maintenance-free performance, quick and easy installation, the highest rate of sustained work. Our products have more advanced configurations, such as high-strength galvanized steel wire rope, adjust-free disc brakes, harden gear, multistage vertical stroke limit switch, ductile iron rope guide, large diameter reels, intelligent anti sway, automatic frequency control, etc.,
Shandong Tianli Heavy Industry Group adhere to the path of innovation and keep improving. We are committed to provide customers with more professional, more secure and more economical solutions. Our products are designed to meet the demand for logistics handling and conveying, process layout and improve efficiency requirements. We always insist on the customer first, technology leadership, the best performance, safety and reliability, to create value for customers, to provide customers with a full range of high-end quality crane products and services.
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